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Commercial Photographer

Sharp images representing a brand will always be a constant tick-mark in this dynamic world. With multiple tasks to juggle while building your brand and business, I am eager to take one task off your plate – Photography! Products, Food, Fashion or Corporate photos, the whole package is for grabs. My client-focused process involves brainstorming, mood boarding, and an instant feedback loop while always capturing the essence you are seeking, in every single frame.

Hi There, I’m Pavan

Minimalism. Constantly striving to capture minimalism in all my frames comes after spending 8 years in photography, exploring all major genres of it. I believe photography is a medium for me to bring to focus my subject’s thoughts, emotions, and character that the naked eye often misses out on. I look up to Ansel Adams, Yousuf Karsh, Karl Taylor, Steve McCurry, and Dabboo Ratnani for their work in photography. While I draw my inspiration from excitement to mundaneness, from color to monochrome, and from speed to stillness, my greatest motivation for each project will always be my client's vision and aspiration.

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The Experience

Transparent. Transient. Tidy


The process of working with me will be transparent and interactive from the time we set out to capture a common vision – your photographs. 90% of the job will be achieved through the shoot reducing the post-processing effort and making the delivery quick and transient. An experience that is client-centric, fun, productive and always meets the client’s brief, with minimum rework. In short - tidy!

How Your Vision is
Brought to Life

Let's Get You Booked

Book now for creative, collaborative, and convenient shoot ideas, curated for your brief and budget. Be assured to receive correspondence from a shutterbug within 24 hours of making a booking request. 

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