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"I believe photography is a medium for me to bring to focus my subject’s thoughts, emotions, and character that the naked eye often misses out on."

My Story

Like most entrepreneurs, I am an engineer too. I have always been inclined towards exploring my creativity right from being a K.V student to a gold medalist in Civil Engineering.
My courtship with photography started the first time I grabbed my brother’s bridge camera to capture an in-flight bird in front of our home. What my naked eye missed, my camera shot didn’t – the bird’s stance, majesty, blend of colors, and most importantly the beauty of the moment! The love for detailing in photography sparked then and only kept blooming through all my expeditions in jungles and lakes.


My courtship turned into a very serious relationship with photography even through my 4 years of being a full-time Product Manager and UX Designer at a startup. While I get my ability to work under pressure and thrive in dynamic circumstances come from this stint, I also owe a lot of my skill to it. Being a UX designer taught me to step into the customer’s shoes and deliver accordingly, something that has tremendously helped in my photography journey. 
I believe in giving everything I do my best. Hence pursuing a Diploma in photography to meet like-minded individuals, learn from industry stalwarts and understand the technicalities of photography was my immediate next step.


The whole process of using light, composition, props, and tons of creativity in capturing food, portraits, and products, thrills me! Although, that is not the only reason I chose this genre of photography. The other reason also is I am a self-proclaimed foodie, always enthusiastic to have a conversation about the latest gadgets or luxury products, and await to work with people and learn from their journeys!


Today, with my degrees, passion for photography, and will to marry my client’s vision, I now have a curated client-first, transparent Experience to offer.

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